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Olympic Kilns FL36E Large Capacity Car Kiln

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Large Capacity kilns shipping to CA, IL, CT, MN, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT must be equipped with solid state relays and pricing will be applied at time of order, if not selected. For all other locations, it is an option.

Also, if 3-phase wiring is selected, it is necessary to add $225 to the Solid State Relays pricing. Price below is for 1-phase wiring only.

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Take the Wheel in Your Creative Journey with the Olympic Kilns FL36E Large Capacity Car Kiln

Designed for artists and production studios determined to break through the limits of creativity and amplify their production, the Olympic Kilns FL36E Large Capacity Car Kiln stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and forward-thinking technology. This kiln features an even more expansive firing chamber, enhanced thermal management, and the latest control systems, redefining the pinnacle of artistic achievement and operational excellence.

Broadening the Canvas for Unrestricted Creativity

The Olympic Kilns FL36E Car Kiln exceeds all prior expectations in firing capacity with its generous chamber dimensions of 38″ wide x 38″ deep x 45″ high. Tailored for ambitious endeavors and intricate artistic expressions, this kiln is ready to impeccably fulfill every creative vision. It facilitates artists in achieving optimal results in ceramic and glass art projects, firing up to Cone 10 (2350°F) with unparalleled precision.

Constructed for Supreme Performance

The FL36E Car Kiln epitomizes durability and resilience, built with a sturdy welded angle iron frame and wrapped in a stainless steel shell. It's equipped to withstand the challenges of constant high-temperature usage, making it a dependable ally for the dynamic settings of professional studios and the passionate pursuits of art enthusiasts.

Advanced Control for Unrivaled Artistry

With the FL36E Car Kiln, gain unmatched command over firing processes with the choice between the standard 12-key digital KilnStar controller and the optional Genesis touchscreen controller. These controllers offer comprehensive ramp-hold programs and features like delay start, preheat, cone fire adjustments, and skip step, ensuring flawlessly consistent artistic results.

Safety and Customization in Focus

The FL36E Car Kiln places a premium on safety and the capacity for customization, equipped with a pilot light and a dedicated breaker box for assured operation, alongside options such as the Type S thermocouple, an innovative venting system, and a tailor-made furniture kit. This kiln is designed to seamlessly meld into any artistic setting.

Expanding the Artistic Spectrum

Capable of reaching Cone 10, the FL36E Car Kiln invites a wide-ranging exploration of artistic media and methodologies, enhancing the caliber and variety of your artistic output, and encouraging perpetual creativity and innovation.

The Car Kiln Advantage: Streamlining Your Process

Choosing the FL36E Car Kiln model introduces operational efficiencies to your studio with its efficient car system for simple loading and unloading of large or multiple pieces. This feature proves invaluable for artists overseeing sizable projects or prolonged production runs. Discover the full benefits of a car kiln in our detailed "Benefits of a Car Kiln" section on this product page.

Realizing Your Artistic Ambitions

The Olympic Kilns FL36E Car Kiln transcends its function as mere equipment, evolving into a fundamental component of your creative journey. With customizable features like 480 volts, the Genesis touchscreen controller, and enhancements for improved airflow and mobility, it is meticulously crafted to adjust to and embody your distinct artistic vision.

For the latest electrical specifications and pricing information on the 480-volt model, contact Pottery Pulse.

A Commitment to Artistic Superiority

Opting for the Olympic Kilns FL36E Car Kiln is a commitment to attaining artistic superiority, enduring robustness, and exacting precision. Its advanced design and features deem it an essential resource for artists seeking the utmost in creativity and performance.

Transform your artistic ventures with the Olympic Kilns FL36E Large Capacity Car Kiln, where an expanded firing capacity meets precise control and sturdy construction, opening limitless possibilities for artistic creation.

  • Model: FL36E Car Kiln
  • Inside Chamber Dimensions: 38" W x 38" deep x 45" H
  • Cubic Feet: 36.0
  • Outside Dimensions with Stand or Frame: 68" x 129" x 70" with a 6' track
  • Brick Thickness: 4.5" + 1" Fiber
  • Maximum Temperature: Cone 10 – 2350°F/1288°C
  • Est Ship Weight: 2,490 lbs
  • Amperage/Volts, 1-phase Wiring: 173 amps for 208 volts, 150 amps for 240 volts
  • Amperage/Volts, 3-phase Wiring: 116 amps for 208 volts, 100 amps for 240 volts
  • Watts for all configurations: 36,000
  • Breaker, 1-phase Wiring: 200 amp required for both 208 and 240 volts
  • Breaker, 3-phase Wiring: 150 amp required for both 208 and 240 volts
  • Plug Configuration, 1-phase wiring, both 208 and 240 volts: Direct Wired
  • Plug Configuration, 3-phase wiring, both 208 and 240 volts: Direct Wired
  • Copper Wire Size: #1, #1/0 if the circuit is longer than 40 ft
The furniture kit includes:
  • 16 each – 18” x 18” x 1″ square shelves, 16 each – 4, 6, 8, 10-inch large square posts, and a 5 lb bag kiln wash. 4 each – 18″ x 18″ x 1″ shelf per layer.

The launch of a Track System within a Car Kiln represents a major innovation, delivering notable enhancements in operational efficiency, improved safety measures, and greater flexibility for large-scale or industrial firing operations. This comprehensive review explores the key advancements brought about by this pioneering development:

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

  • Streamlined Loading/Unloading Process: The integration of a track system in a car kiln revolutionizes how materials are loaded and unloaded, enabling the entire kiln's capacity to be moved seamlessly. This is especially beneficial for large or heavy items, significantly cutting down the effort and time required for handling each piece individually.
  • Improved Batch Processing: With the track system in place, it's possible to set up subsequent batches for firing while the current batch is still processing, enhancing the flow of production, reducing idle times, and maximizing kiln utilization.

Heightened Safety Measures

  • Minimized Manual Labor: The innovative design of the car kiln greatly reduces the need for manual handling, especially the laborious task of loading or unloading at elevated temperatures, thereby reducing the risk of injuries related to heat exposure and physical exertion.
  • Ergonomic Design Benefits: The car's adjustable nature allows for modifications in height and positioning, minimizing the risk of injuries and fostering a safer, more ergonomic working environment.

Versatility and Customization

  • Flexible Loading Options: The car's mobility facilitates diverse loading configurations, ensuring efficient spatial use for items of various sizes and shapes.
  • Tailored Firing Atmospheres: Select car kiln models are equipped with features that allow for the precise adjustment of the firing atmosphere, accommodating a broad spectrum of materials and techniques.

Consistent Quality with Advanced Heat Management

  • Even Heat Distribution: Car kilns are designed with precision for uniform heat distribution, ensuring consistent firing conditions and uniform outcomes across all items.
  • Controlled Cooling Capability: The ability to relocate the car to a designated cooling zone allows for meticulous control over the cooling phase, crucial for materials sensitive to rapid temperature changes.

Optimized Spatial Efficiency

  • Compact Design: The design of the car kiln is engineered to maximize spatial efficiency, offering a compact solution that enhances loading and unloading efficiency.

Economic Benefits

  • Operational Cost Reduction: The operational efficiencies brought by the track system translate into significant cost savings over time.
  • Durability and Reduced Maintenance Costs: Focusing thermal cycling on the car and track system minimizes the kiln's wear and tear, thereby extending its service life and decreasing maintenance expenses.

In conclusion, incorporating a Track System into a Car Kiln markedly improves operational efficiency, safety measures, adaptability, and economic benefits. This innovation becomes a pivotal resource for large-scale ceramic productions, detailed artistic endeavors, and industrial operations aiming for a significant return on investment through the use of resilient, high-quality firing solutions.

Estimated order-to-ship lead time is approximately 12 weeks for Olympic Kilns.

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