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Olympic Kilns Medallion Artist Series

Kind to both the environment and your wallet!

Medallion Artist series kilns come packed with eco-friendly features that are more cost-friendly than you might think.

Image of 6 Olympic Series Kilns comprising the Medallion Artist Series

The solid green electrical boxes eliminate the need for additional components often necessary with stackable electric kilns, leading to significant savings.

Close-up view of the eco-friendly Medallion Artist Series electrical box for Olympic Kilns

Enhanced with 3" thick bricks for superior insulation, these kilns promise reduced energy use and more efficient firing sessions.

Choose from six (6) specially selected models, with widths ranging from 18” to 28”, tailored to fit your space and artistic needs. Each model is equipped with electronic controllers, ensuring convenient and precise firing cycles. Plus, all models are capable of high-fire operations up to cone 10, catering to a wide range of ceramic projects.