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Olympic Kilns Dual Media Models

Catering to both ceramic and glass firing needs

Constructed with 3″ thick bricks to maximize energy efficiency, these dual media Olympic Kilns units can reach up to 2350°F, making them ideal for high-temperature pottery and ceramic endeavors. An included lid element, equipped with an infinite switch, allows for customizable intensity control, perfect for glass fusing projects.

Available in 23″, 28″, and Oval widths, Dual Media kilns come with a convenient lid lift assist feature, facilitating effortless lifting and securing of the kiln lid.

Series of smaller images of kilns from Olympic that can do both ceramic and glasswork along with completed ceramic and glass creations

The Dual Media kiln series for ceramics is available in two distinct styles: the Olympic TopHat series, featuring a Raku-inspired design with a supportive frame around the firing chamber and a hand crank for effortlessly lifting the chamber to access pieces. Additionally, there are stackable top-loading electric kilns that can be easily separated for convenient relocation without the need to disassemble the entire electrical setup. Options include cylindrical, oval, and cube-shaped designs to suit various artistic requirements.