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Olympic Kilns Large Capacity Gas Kilns

High Volume, Large Capacity Gas Kilns – Fiber or Brick

Optimize Your Kiln Operations with Olympic Kilns' High-Capacity Gas Kilns

Olympic Kilns' large capacity gas kilns are designed for high volume firing, providing exceptional durability and performance. Their downdraft gas kilns are engineered for both efficiency and versatility, making them ideal for various industrial and artistic applications.

DownDraft Kilns: Superior Performance and Efficiency

Their downdraft kilns feature an innovative exhaust and intake system located at the bottom, ensuring optimal air flow for combustion. These kilns require a chimney or stack to create the necessary draft to draw in fresh air. Olympic DownDrafts are capable of firing to Cone 10 – 2350F/1288C, and can be constructed using either brick or fiber materials, compatible with both propane and natural gas.

Robust Construction for Longevity

The frames of Olympic downdraft gas kilns are constructed from heavy angle iron and metal tubing, providing a sturdy foundation. The kiln walls consist of 4 1/2” insulating brick combined with 1” ceramic fiberboard and a 1” air space created by the tube frame. The exterior is made from durable stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance. Both fiber and brick DownDrafts feature double insulated floors, composed of brick and ceramic fiberboard, enabling the kilns to withstand high temperatures without damage or deterioration.

Innovative Design for Energy Efficiency

The roofs of these DownDraft kilns are designed with bolt-in pyro-block modules, enhancing energy efficiency and facilitating easy repairs. The ceramic board insulation includes a binder that may emit an odor during the first firing, which is normal and will not recur after the initial use.

High-Efficiency Burners

Olympic DownDrafts are equipped with high-efficiency venturi burners, with an optional upgrade to forced air burners providing 500,000 BTUs. Both burner types offer excellent temperature and reduction uniformity, ensuring consistent firing results.

Customization Options

Choose between brick or fiber walls based on your specific needs. Fiber walls allow for faster heating and cooling cycles, while brick walls support a slower, more controlled heating and cooling process. Pictured here is a custom-built fiber downdraft gas kiln with venturi burners positioned on the side of the chamber wall for enhanced efficiency.

front view of opened Olympic Kilns DD24 with fiber constuction and venturi burners on side

Advanced Control Systems

Enhance your kiln's performance with the optional High Limit Controller, which functions as a digital pyrometer. Set your desired target temperature, and the controller will automatically shut down the kiln once the temperature is reached, ensuring precision and safety during firings.

Olympic Kilns’ large capacity gas kilns are the perfect solution for high-volume firing needs, combining robust construction, innovative design, and advanced features for unparalleled performance and efficiency. Explore our range of kilns today to find the perfect fit for your production or artistic requirements.