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Evenheat HF 810 Ceramic Kiln

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Designed for China and Porcelain painting, and all Clays up to cone 8

Elevate your artistry with the Evenheat HF 810 Ceramic Kiln, a marvel of design that brings professional-grade firing to your personal studio. Engineered for artists who demand excellence on a smaller scale, this kiln boasts the ability to soar to temperatures of 2300°F (1260°C), assisted by 3" firebrick, making it ideal for china and porcelain painting and clay projects up to cone 8. And because of its smaller size and 120 volt operation, it is ideal to set up in the comfort of your home studio.

It also comes in very handy as a test kiln.

The HF 810 doesn't just offer high temperatures; it provides unmatched control. With the Swing View control enclosure, a feature now standard with any of your four controller options, you'll have the flexibility and visibility you need for precise programming. The kiln's control options are the Icon, RampMaster II, Icon+, and TAP II controllers, all engineered to ensure that firing your masterpieces is as intuitive as it is accurate. Check out the Controller Options tab to learn more.

Opt for the Quiet Drive Solid State output when you place your order, and you'll benefit from even tighter temperature control, not to mention a notable extension of your kiln's element life. This addition is more than a feature; it's a transformative upgrade for artists serious about the longevity and reliability of their firing process. Get more information on the SSR Info tab.

Despite its mighty capabilities, the HF 810's dimensions are conveniently compact, measuring at an 11.25" diameter and a 9" depth, with a 120V, 18A, 2160W power rating, perfect for space-conscious studios without compromising on performance.

This kiln is not just a purchase, but an investment in the future of your ceramic art. It's time to think beyond the limits of size and embrace the vast potential of your creativity. 

Chamber Dimensions 

11.25" Diameter x 9" Deep - 0.57 Cubic Feet

(28.6 cm Diameter x 22.9 cm Deep - 16.1 L) 

Outer Dimensions

23.5" Long x 17.25" Wide x 23" High (includes the 8" stand)

(59.7 cm Deep x 43.8 cm Wide x 58.2 cm High)

Maximum Temperature

2300°F (1260°C) - Cone 8 max.


120 Volts, 18 Amps, 2160 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase (Requires a Fully Rated 20A Breaker)

Power Cord Plug Configuration - NEMA 5-20

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. It is possible that this model, when used as intended for its expected purpose, may be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.

Model will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz​.

Not available in 3 phase Delta or Wye designs​​.

Shipping Weight

​55lb. (25Kg) - Approx.

Shipping Method

​Freight Truck​​

NRTL Agency Listing
TUV Listed United States and Canada - Designed and Tested to CSA & U/L 499

HF 810 models may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As Evenheat says: Better by Design!

Top Load

The HF 810 is a top loading design and offers a chamber that's 11.25" diameter x 9" deep. It is built with 3" firebrick allowing it to reach temperature easier.

Lid Handle

The Evenheat 8" lid handle is designed for ease of use.

Located at the wide corner, this handle provides a secure and effortless grip, even when wearing gloves. Its unique design sets it apart and adds to the pleasure of using it.

Lid Vent

The HF 810 comes with a two-position lid vent, ideal for expediting the cooling process.

Swing View Equipped

The HF 810 temperature controls are seamlessly integrated into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

This innovative feature is a pivoting and swing-up enclosure that enables you to adjust the control panel to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. When you're finished, simply lay it back down for a clear view from anywhere in your studio. The operation is effortlessly straightforward.

The Swing View works especially well with touchscreen controls like the TAP II, Icon+, and Icon, as you can align the viewing angle perfectly. You're sure to appreciate its convenience and functionality.

3" Firebrick with No Loss in Chamber Volume

Historically, kiln designs were primarily based on 2-1/2" firebrick. As 3" firebrick gained popularity for high-temperature applications, many kiln manufacturers chose to decrease the firing chamber size to accommodate the thicker firebrick, all while maintaining the same external dimensions.

Evenheat chose a different approach. Instead of reducing the chamber size, they kept it the same while increasing the external dimensions. This approach ensures that there is no loss in chamber volume, and standard kiln furniture can continue to fit perfectly. It's a thoughtful design choice that maintains compatibility and convenience.

Swing-Away Peephole Covers

Evenheat's kiln designs incorporate swing-away peephole covers, a superior alternative to traditional plugs. It's a smart choice!

Plugs have a tendency to get lost or damaged over time. In contrast, these attached peephole covers remain securely in place on the kiln and can be effortlessly swung open and closed as needed. You won't have to worry about losing them or dealing with breakage. It's a convenient and durable solution.

Lid Prop

The kiln features a lid prop bar that effectively holds the lid in the open position. This user-friendly design is complemented by a well-crafted lid handle, making the operation even more straightforward and convenient.

Relay Access Port

The HF 810 incorporates Evenheat's convenient Relay Access Port, making relay replacement a breeze without the need to remove the control panel.

To access the mechanical relays, simply remove the access plate – no complicated internal wiring or control panel removal is required. It's a straightforward and effective process that can be easily accomplished with just a screwdriver.

Since mechanical relays are prone to failure over time, this relay access port becomes especially valuable when replacement is necessary. It ensures a hassle-free solution when dealing with relay issues.

Full Stainless Steel Jackets

The idea behind multi-section, multi-jacketed kilns aimed to reduce manufacturing costs and make installation simpler. While these goals are admirable, they often lead to a compromise in the overall quality of the kiln—a compromise that Evenheat is not willing to make.

Evenheat's dedication to excellence is evident in their construction of kilns with complete stainless steel jackets from the base to the lid. This deliberate choice ensures unparalleled durability and longevity, resulting in a kiln that is free from leaks, instability, or structural flaws. When you choose Evenheat, you're choosing kilns built with full stainless jackets, where exceptional build quality is not just a feature, but a commitment.

The HF 810 comes with a range of control options, including the Icon, RampMaster II, Icon+, and Tap II.

Evenheat takes the finest control platforms available and enhances them by incorporating Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing and non-metallic faceplates to improve Wi-Fi reception for online applications. Continue reading to discover more about these controls and why they are the epitome of the highest quality you can find.


The Icon, a creation of the innovative Bartlett Spark platform, revolutionizes the industry by providing advanced touchscreen technology at an accessible price point. This is the controller that comes standard on the HF 810.

Throughout the latter part of 2023, the Icon, developed around Bartlett Industry's new Spark platform, underwent extensive field testing conducted by Bartlett, Evenheat, and other industry experts. The results were remarkable: programming proved to be straightforward and intuitive, interactions with the touchscreen were rated top-notch, and, as anticipated, the Quiet Drive Solid State relay delivered impeccable performance, marking a successful conclusion to the tests.

In keeping with Evenheat's tradition of improving control designs, the Icon enhances the Spark platform by introducing features such as Special Limits thermocouples for unparalleled temperature accuracy and non-metallic faceplates to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity for the Bartlett online app. The Icon establishes a new industry standard, offering outstanding performance and value.

RampMaster II

The RampMaster II is born from the prestigious Bartlett Instruments V6-CF platform, meticulously designed for ceramic applications. Departing from the touchscreen trend, the RampMaster II features dedicated buttons and a clear display, catering perfectly to enthusiasts who prefer tactile controls.

In line with Evenheat's commitment to excellence, the RampMaster II includes a Special Limits thermocouple, guaranteeing exceptionally accurate temperature monitoring. When combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, you'll experience peak performance that seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with a classic, user-friendly interface.


Emerging from the highly esteemed Bartlett Genesis platform, the Icon+ enhances the experience with the integration of Special Limits thermocouples, delivering precision that sets new standards. Further augmenting its capabilities, the Icon+ features a non-metallic faceplate that optimizes Wi-Fi connectivity for the Bartlett online app, propelling it to unmatched performance heights.

User interaction with the Icon+ is both simple and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience. When combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, the Icon+ achieves remarkable performance, establishing a new benchmark in the field.

The Icon+ represents the perfect fusion of Bartlett's control expertise and Evenheat's innovative design, offering industry-leading control performance.


The TAP II Controller takes the lead as Evenheat's premier choice among temperature controllers, featuring a generously sized screen and an intuitive interface. The process of crafting and executing firing schedules becomes effortlessly straightforward. The sophisticated technology behind the TAP II ensures precise and reliable outcomes, particularly when combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system.

Equipped with Special Limits thermocouples, the TAP II guarantees highly accurate temperature measurements. Furthermore, its non-metallic faceplates enhance Wi-Fi connectivity, providing seamless access to the SDS online app.

Embrace the TAP II, connect with the app, and embark on a smooth and efficient journey in temperature control.

Bid adieu to the challenges posed by mechanical relays and the expenses associated with their frequent repairs.

Embrace the innovation brought by Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System, a masterpiece of design devoid of moving components, ensuring a lifetime free from wear and tear. Revel in the system's superior functionality, delivering precise and regulated heating for enduring peak performance.

Understanding Relays: Solid-state relays (SSRs) stand as a robust and dependable alternative to traditional mechanical relays, which rely on physically moving metal contacts and electromagnetic coils. SSRs employ a solid semiconductor block without any moving parts, eliminating physical wear and offering significant advantages for kiln temperature control.

Benefit 1 - Lifelong Reliability: SSRs boast unparalleled longevity. Free from the mechanical wear of moving parts and the electrical arcing seen in mechanical relays, they outlast their traditional counterparts. If you've ever heard the repetitive clicking of a kiln, it's the sound of mechanical relays in action. Over time, this constant movement leads to wear and eventual failure, resulting in repair expenses. Evenheat's SSRs promise quiet and steadfast performance that endures as long as your kiln or oven.

Benefit 2 - Precision Temperature Control: Mechanical relays are bound by cycling limitations to balance control effectiveness and relay lifespan, typically capping at one cycle every 10 to 14 seconds. In contrast, SSRs operate at an impressive frequency of 120 cycles per second, enabling swift adjustments and exceptional temperature precision. All Evenheat controls, including the now-standard Icon controller that replaces the previous basic Set-Pro controller, leverage the rapid cycling capability of SSRs to ensure precise temperature management.

Benefit 3 - Prolonged Heating Element Life: Solid-state relays incorporate Zero Crossing technology, switching on and off precisely at the zero-voltage point of AC power fluctuations. This feature significantly extends the lifespan of heating elements, ensuring they operate at the ideal voltage and minimizing wear compared to mechanical relays lacking this technology.

Design Excellence - 30 Amp Capacity: Evenheat carefully selects SSRs rated for 30 amps but operates them at a conservative 15 amps, providing a substantial safety margin for reliable, sustained performance. This approach keeps the SSRs comfortably within their derating curve, even under a 15 amp load, ensuring cool operation and longevity, all backed by Evenheat's dedication to quality.

Design Excellence - External SSR Heatsinks: Effective cooling plays a vital role in SSR longevity. Evenheat addresses this by externally mounting SSR heatsinks, facilitating unrestricted airflow and preventing heat buildup within the control enclosure. This design isolates heat transfer between the control enclosure and SSR, supported by standoffs that create a cooling air gap. This meticulous arrangement guarantees optimal SSR performance, substantiated by an impressive six-year track record of zero failures.

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