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Evenheat HF 1413 Ceramic Kiln

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Perfect for China Painting and Porcelain up to Cone 10

Crafting delicate porcelain and china masterpieces at home has never been easier with the Evenheat HF 1413 Ceramic Kiln. This model is thoughtfully engineered with the home artist in mind, marrying the perfect size and state-of-the-art controls with the ability to fire up to cone 10.

The kiln's optimal design features 3" firebrick construction, offering superior insulation and energy efficiency. This is the primary enhancement compared to the RM 1413. Get to your higher max temp (2350F versus 2300F), at Cone 10, faster with an assist from this 3" firebrick chamber.

Control is at your fingertips with an array of advanced options including the Icon, RampMaster II, Icon+ and TAP II systems. These user-friendly interfaces ensure precise firing schedules and consistent results, making them ideal for both budding artists and experienced creators. Read about these options in the Controller tab.

The innovative Swing View pivoting control enclosure is a game-changer, providing effortless adjustment for optimal viewing and ease of operation, regardless of your studio setup. And for those who demand the utmost in temperature accuracy and element longevity, the Quiet Drive Solid State output is a valuable upgrade that fine-tunes your firing process to perfection.

Compact yet capable, the HF 1413's dimensions of 14.5" diameter x 13.5" deep make it a comfortable fit for any home studio. Operating at 240V with a 15A current and 3600W power output, it reaches a maximum temperature of 2350°F, ensuring your porcelain and china artworks are fired to excellence.

The Evenheat HF 1413 Ceramic Kiln stands ready to transform your ceramic artistry with professional-grade results right in the comfort of your home.

Chamber Dimensions 

14.5" Diameter x 13.5" Deep - 1.3 Cubic Feet

(36.8 cm Diameter x 34.3 cm Deep - 36.8 L)

Outer Dimensions

26.75" Long x 20.5" Wide x 27.5" High (includes the 8" stand)

(67.9 cm Deep x 52.1 cm Wide x 69.8 cm High)

Maximum Temperature

2350°F (1288°C) - Cone 10 max.


240 Volts, 15 Amps, 3600 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase

Power Cord Plug Configuration - NEMA 6-20

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. It is possible that this model, when used as intended for its expected purpose, may be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.

Model will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz​.

Not available in 3 phase Delta or Wye designs​​.

Shipping Weight

110lb. (50 kg) - Approx.

Shipping Method

​Freight Truck​​

NRTL Agency Listing
TUV Listed United States and Canada - Designed and Tested to CSA & U/L 499
HF 1413 models may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As Evenheat says: Better by Design!

Top Load

The HF 1413 features a top-loading design and boasts a chamber measuring 14.5 inches in diameter by 13.5 inches in depth. Equipped with 3 inches of firebrick insulation, this kiln excels in reaching and maintaining high temperatures with ease.

Lid Handle

The Evenheat 8" lid handle is meticulously designed for ease of use. Placed at the wide corner, this handle provides a secure and effortless grip, even when wearing gloves. Its unique design sets it apart, adding to the overall satisfaction of using it.

Lid Vent

The HF 1413 is equipped with a two-position lid vent, ideal for expediting the cooling process.

Swing View Equipped

The HF 1413 temperature controls are seamlessly integrated into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

This innovative feature is a pivoting and swing-up enclosure that enables you to adjust the control panel to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. When you're finished, simply lower it for a clear view from anywhere in your studio. The operation is straightforward.

The Swing View pairs exceptionally well with touchscreen controls like the TAP II, Icon+, and Icon, as it allows you to align the viewing angle perfectly. You'll undoubtedly appreciate its convenience and functionality.

3" Firebrick with No Loss in Chamber Volume

In the annals of kiln design history, the reigning standard was the 2-1/2" firebrick. As the era of high-temperature applications dawned, ushering in the reign of the 3" firebrick, numerous kiln manufacturers bowed to the pressure, opting to downsize the firing chamber to accommodate the thicker firebrick, all while preserving the status quo of external dimensions.

However, Evenheat chose a path less traveled. Rather than subjecting the chamber to shrinkage, they upheld its dimensions while expanding the external realm. This unique approach ensures that chamber volume remains undiminished, and standard kiln furniture fits like a glove. It's a thoughtful design decision that upholds the principles of compatibility and convenience.

Swing-Away Peephole Covers

In the realm of Evenheat's kiln designs, we proudly introduce swing-away peephole covers, presenting a superior alternative to the conventional plugs. It's a choice steeped in wisdom!

Conventional plugs have a notorious tendency to vanish or succumb to wear and tear as the years go by. In stark contrast, these steadfast peephole covers stand their ground, firmly attached to the kiln, and ready to swing open and shut at your command. Say goodbye to the age-old worries of misplacement or breakage. With this solution, convenience and durability harmonize seamlessly.

Lid Prop

The HF 1413 is thoughtfully equipped with a lid prop bar, ensuring the secure and effortless positioning of the lid in its open state. This user-friendly feature harmonizes perfectly with our carefully crafted lid handle, further enhancing the ease of operation.

Relay Access Port

Experience the perfect fusion of convenience and innovation with Evenheat's Relay Access Port. Bid farewell to the complexities of relay replacement, which typically involve intricate panel removal processes.

Unlocking access to the mechanical relays is a breeze – all it takes is the removal of the access plate. No need to navigate through a labyrinth of internal wiring or disassemble the control panel. It's a straightforward process that can be easily accomplished with a simple screwdriver.

Given that mechanical relays can wear out over time, this relay access port becomes your trusted ally when replacement becomes necessary. It offers a simple, hassle-free solution to address relay-related issues with ease.

While Pottery Pulse strongly recommends investing in the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, for those on a budget, this innovation serves as a valuable and user-friendly feature.

Full Stainless Steel Jackets

The idea behind multi-section, multi-jacketed kilns aimed to reduce manufacturing costs and simplify installation, which are certainly commendable goals. However, more often than not, this approach results in a compromise on the overall quality of the kiln—a compromise that Evenheat refuses to make.

Evenheat's unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in their kiln construction. They build kilns with complete stainless steel jackets, from the base to the lid. This deliberate choice ensures unparalleled durability and longevity, guaranteeing a kiln that is free from leaks, instability, or structural flaws. When you choose Evenheat, you're selecting kilns crafted with full stainless jackets, where exceptional build quality isn't just a feature; it's a promise.

The HF 1413 presents a diverse array of control possibilities, featuring the Icon, RampMaster II, Icon+, and Tap II.

Evenheat takes these exceptional control platforms and propels them to new heights by incorporating Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature detection. Additionally, they enhance Wi-Fi reception for online applications with non-metallic faceplates. Dive deeper to discover more about these controls and why they stand as the epitome of quality and innovation.


The Icon, emerging from the cutting-edge Bartlett Spark platform, revolutionizes the market by offering superior touchscreen functionality at an accessible price. This device, provided as a standard accessory with the HF 1413, marks a significant advancement in control technology.

In the final months of 2023, the Icon, a product of Bartlett Industry's innovative Spark platform, underwent rigorous testing by teams from Bartlett, Evenheat, and other industry specialists. The outcomes were remarkable, with the device's programming proving to be user-friendly, its touchscreen interface earning high praise, and the Quiet Drive Solid State relay operating impeccably, culminating in a successful evaluation phase.

Aligned with Evenheat's dedication to evolving control technology, the Icon enhances the Spark platform by integrating advanced features such as Special Limits thermocouples for unparalleled temperature precision and non-metallic faceplates to enhance Wi-Fi reception for the Bartlett online application. The Icon establishes a new standard in the sector, offering outstanding performance and value.

RampMaster II

The RampMaster II, developed from the respected Bartlett Instruments V6-CF platform, is specifically designed with ceramic applications in mind. Defying the prevailing trend of touchscreen interfaces, the RampMaster II offers distinct buttons and a lucid display, catering to aficionados who favor tangible controls.

In line with Evenheat's commitment to superior quality, the RampMaster II incorporates a Special Limits thermocouple, guaranteeing meticulous temperature control. Combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, this device achieves optimal performance, harmoniously merging cutting-edge technology with an intuitive user experience.


Originating from the esteemed Bartlett Genesis platform, the Icon+ elevates user experience with the inclusion of Special Limits thermocouples, achieving unparalleled precision and setting new industry benchmarks. The device is further enhanced by a non-metallic faceplate, which significantly improves Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring flawless integration with the Bartlett online app and propelling its performance to unprecedented levels.

Interacting with the Icon+ is exceptionally user-friendly, promising a smooth and intuitive experience. Paired with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, the Icon+ delivers outstanding performance, redefining industry standards.

The Icon+ represents an exemplary blend of Bartlett's expertise in control systems and Evenheat's innovative approach to design, culminating in a device that leads the industry in control performance.


The TAP II Controller stands out as the premier choice in Evenheat's range of temperature controllers, boasting a large screen and a user-friendly interface. This controller simplifies the creation and implementation of firing schedules, making the process incredibly straightforward. The advanced technology underpinning the TAP II ensures both precision and dependability in results, further enhanced when utilized alongside the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system.

With the inclusion of Special Limits thermocouples, the TAP II offers exceptionally accurate temperature readings. Its non-metallic faceplates also improve Wi-Fi reception, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted connection to the SDS online app.

Step into the world of the TAP II, sync with the app, and enjoy a streamlined and effective temperature control experience.

Want to avoid a mechanical relays failure and the costs associated with their regular upkeep?

Embrace the groundbreaking Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System by Evenheat, an epitome of innovation devoid of moving parts, ensuring a lifespan devoid of wear and tear. Experience its exceptional operation, offering precise and controlled heating that maintains peak performance indefinitely.

Delving into Relay Technology: Solid-state relays (SSRs) present a strong and reliable alternative to traditional mechanical relays, which depend on moving metal contacts and electromagnetic coils. SSRs utilize a solid semiconductor unit, eliminating mechanical wear due to the absence of moving parts, and offering substantial benefits in kiln temperature control.

Advantage 1 - Unrivaled Reliability: SSRs offer exceptional durability. They are immune to the mechanical wear and electrical arcing that afflict mechanical relays, significantly outperforming them in longevity. The familiar clicking of a kiln is the sound of mechanical relays at work. Their incessant motion eventually leads to wear and the need for costly repairs. In contrast, Evenheat's SSRs provide a quiet, reliable performance that lasts as long as your kiln or oven.

Advantage 2 - Precise Temperature Management: Mechanical relays must balance between control effectiveness and lifespan, typically cycling once every 10 to 14 seconds. SSRs, however, can cycle up to 120 times per second, allowing for rapid adjustments and unmatched temperature precision. All Evenheat controls, including the standard Icon controller which supersedes the former basic Set-Pro controller, leverage the rapid cycling of SSRs for accurate temperature control.

Advantage 3 - Enhanced Lifespan of Heating Elements: Solid-state relays employ Zero Crossing technology, activating and deactivating precisely at the zero-voltage point of AC power cycles. This significantly prolongs the life of heating elements by ensuring they operate at optimal voltage levels, reducing wear compared to mechanical relays that lack this feature.

Design Excellence - 30 Amp Capacity: Evenheat carefully selects SSRs with a 30 amp rating but operates them conservatively at 15 amps, allowing a substantial safety margin for consistent, reliable performance. This practice ensures the SSRs remain well within their derating curve, even under a 15 amp load, promoting cool operation and extended life, all supported by Evenheat's commitment to quality.

Design Excellence - External SSR Heatsinks: Effective cooling is crucial for the longevity of SSRs. Evenheat addresses this by mounting SSR heatsinks externally, promoting free airflow and preventing heat accumulation within the control enclosure. This design separates heat transfer between the control enclosure and SSR, aided by standoffs that create a gap for cooling air. This careful configuration ensures optimal performance of SSRs, a fact underscored by an impressive six-year record of zero failures.

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