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Evenheat HF 2927 Ceramic Kiln

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Built for large working studios, production houses and schools

Transform your ceramic aspirations into reality with the Evenheat HF 2927 Ceramic Kiln, where exceptional size converges with cutting-edge features and unmatched performance. Designed with large working studios, bustling production houses, and dynamic centers of learning in mind, this kiln stands as the benchmark for ceramic professionals seeking to elevate their firing capabilities.

The HF 2927 is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering a user-friendly programming experience. Choose from the dependable RampMaster II, intuitive Icon+ Touchscreen, or the highly-acclaimed TAP I Touchscreen control. Each option is crafted to simplify your creative process, allowing for effortless programming and precise execution of your desired firing curve.

Enhanced with the Swing View pivoting control enclosure, this kiln brings a new level of convenience to your workspace. Adjust the control to your line of sight for easy programming and monitoring, a small but significant detail that underscores Evenheat's commitment to your comfort and productivity.

With the Quiet Drive Solid State output option, this kiln goes beyond the standard expectations of temperature control. Enjoy the tranquility and focus as you work, knowing that your kiln operates with minimal noise while ensuring an exceptionally precise temperature throughout each firing cycle.

Lifting the heavy lid of a kiln can be taxing, but with the Patented Dyna-Lift lid lift assist standard on the HF 2927, the burden is no longer yours to bear. This innovative system provides a gentle, assisting force, making the opening and closing of the kiln's lid a feat of minimal effort.

The HF 2927 boasts an impressive firing chamber with a 29" diameter and a 27" depth, powered by a potent 240V, 59A, and 14,164W output, ensuring it reaches a maximum temperature of 2350°F. This kiln doesn't just meet the demands of high-fire ceramics; it surpasses them.

Make this kiln the cornerstone of your studio and witness a significant transformation in the scale and scope of your work. It's not just a kiln—it's the partner you need for a thriving, creative future. 

Chamber Dimensions 

29" Diameter x 27" Deep - 10.5 Cubic Feet

(73.7 cm Diameter x 68.6 cm Deep - 297 L)

Outer Dimensions

41" Long x 35" Wide x 41" High (includes the 8" stand)

(104.1 cm Deep x 88.9 cm Wide x 104.1 cm High)

Maximum Temperature

2350°F (1288°C) - Cone 10 max.


240 Volts, 59 Amps, 14,164 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase

Power Cord Plug Configuration - Direct Wired

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. It is possible that this model, when used as intended for its expected purpose, may be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.

Model is available in 200V, 208V, 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V, and 415V. Contact Pottery Pulse directly.

Model will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz.

​Model is available in 3 phase Delta and Wye (380V, 400V and 415V) designs.

Shipping Weight

430lb. (195Kg) - Approx.

Shipping Method 

​Freight Truck​​

NRTL Agency Listing
TUV Listed United States and Canada - Designed and Tested to CSA & U/L 499

HF 2927 models may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As Evenheat says: Better by Design!

Top Load

The HF 2927 boasts a vertical loading configuration with a chamber that measures 29 inches in diameter and 27 inches deep. Capable of daily cone 10 firings.

Lid Handle

Evenheat understands the importance of handles in kiln design. Ensuring handles are the right size and shape for their intended purpose is crucial. Evenheat's choice of lid handles for the HF Studio Series exemplifies this principle with a carefully crafted 13" handle designed for comfortable grip and seamless operation. These broad, corner-mounted handles make lifting confident and effortless, even when wearing gloves. They set themselves apart from other options on the market, providing users with an enjoyable experience.

Dyna-Lift Lid Lift Assist

All High Fire studio models come standard with Evenheat's Patented Dyna-Lift lid lift assist.

The Dyna-Lift significantly reduces the effort required to operate the kiln lid, accomplishing this task smoothly and gracefully without any adverse effects on the kiln.

Key features of this design include the absence of a connection to the kiln body, a single-point lifting system, and a focus on allowing the lid to function naturally.

In contrast, competing lid lift designs attach the lifting mechanism directly to the kiln itself. This places all the lifting forces on the kiln chamber, leading to significant weakening and damage over time. Our Dyna-Lift takes a different approach by channeling all lifting forces to the kiln stand itself.

The Dyna-Lift is the ultimate Lid Lift Assist that ensures no damage to your kiln!

Multi-zone Control

The HF 2927 features a cutting-edge multi-zone control system. This advanced technology utilizes multiple thermocouples (temperature sensors) to effectively monitor and maintain the heat levels within the firing chamber.

By dividing the kiln chamber into separate heat zones, each equipped with its dedicated thermocouple, the kiln attains an exceptionally high level of precision in temperature control for each section. This meticulous regulation results in a remarkably consistent temperature distribution throughout the entire chamber, ensuring uniformity from top to bottom.

Lid Vent

The HF 2927 features an advanced two-position lid vent, expertly designed to enhance the cooling process with precision and finesse.

Swing View Equipped

In the HF 2927, temperature control seamlessly integrates into Evenheat's Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

Visualize a swiveling, lift-up masterpiece – this enclosure allows you to dance with the control panel, adjusting it to your preferred angle for a seamless view and programming experience. And when your creative session concludes, simply lower it back into position, providing a clear view from any corner of your studio. It's a performance of simplicity and efficiency.

The Swing View complements touchscreen controls like the TAP I and Icon+ with exquisite harmony, ensuring a symphony of perfect viewing angles. Its user-friendly elegance is certain to receive a standing ovation from your studio audience.

3" Firebrick with No Loss in Chamber Volume

As the narrative of kiln design unfolded, the 2-1/2" firebrick played a foundational role. Nevertheless, the emergence of high-temperature requirements took the spotlight, leading many kiln manufacturers to alter their direction. They chose to reduce the size of the firing chamber to accommodate the thicker insulation while keeping the kiln's external dimensions unchanged.

In contrast, Evenheat embarked on a distinctive journey. Instead of diminishing the chamber's size, they maintained its generous interior space and expanded the external dimensions. This innovative approach safeguards the chamber's capacity, ensuring a seamless fit for standard kiln furniture. This thoughtful design decision reflects a commitment to preserving compatibility and user-friendliness.

Swing-Away Peephole Covers

Evenheat's kiln designs welcome swing-away peephole covers, departing from the customary use of plugs.

Traditional plugs tend to vanish or suffer damage over time. In contrast, Evenheat's integrated peephole covers remain securely affixed to the kiln, facilitating easy swinging open and closing. This design guarantees their presence and durability.

Lid Security Bar

The HF 2927 features a considerate addition – a skillfully designed lid prop bar that securely holds the lid in an open position. This practical enhancement perfectly complements our meticulously engineered lid handle, further improving the ease and fluidity of the kiln's operation.

Relay Access Port

The HF 2927 proudly features Evenheat's Relay Access Port, a cleverly designed element that simplifies and streamlines relay replacement without the need for disassembling the entire panel.

With ease, users can remove the access plate to gain direct access to the mechanical relays, bypassing the need to remove the control panel or navigate intricate internal wiring. This process is remarkably straightforward and efficient, requiring only a screwdriver.

Acknowledging that mechanical relays may encounter issues over time, Evenheat's inclusion of the relay access port proves to be an invaluable resource during such circumstances.

While Pottery Pulse highly recommends the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, for those mindful of budget constraints, this feature remains a practical and accessible choice.

Single Maintenance Line

Evenheat firmly adheres to the use of a solid stainless jacket design. This choice signifies exceptionally robust construction—free of gaps, shifts, and engineered for lasting durability.

In their deep 27" High Fire models, Evenheat introduces what they term a "maintenance line." This innovative feature allows for the chamber to be partially disassembled to facilitate maintenance and delivery requirements.

The Maintenance Line is securely held in place through the utilization of stainless steel plates and screws. By simply removing these screws, you can effortlessly separate the sections for maintenance or installation purposes.

In stark contrast to the use of buckles, which are prone to loosening and permitting shifting during loading, unloading, and use, this method guarantees stability and unwavering reliability.

The HF 2927 offers a diverse selection of Multi-Zone control options, including the RampMaster II, Icon+, and TAP I. These Multi-Zone controls rely on multiple thermocouples (temperature sensors) to ensure exceptional temperature uniformity within the firing chamber.

At Evenheat, we elevate these high-end control platforms by integrating Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature detection and by incorporating non-metallic faceplates to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity for online applications. Continue reading to delve into the intricacies of these control systems and understand why they epitomize quality in the market.

RampMaster II

Derived from Bartlett Instruments' renowned V6-CF platform, the RampMaster II is meticulously designed with ceramic enthusiasts as its primary focus. In contrast to the prevalent trend of touchscreen interfaces, the RampMaster II features distinctive buttons and a vibrant display, catering to those who appreciate the tactile sensation of controls.

In alignment with Evenheat's steadfast dedication to exceptional quality, the RampMaster II incorporates a Special Limits thermocouple for precise temperature control. When paired with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, this device attains peak performance, seamlessly combining advanced technology with an intuitive user interface.


Emerging from Bartlett's esteemed Genesis platform, the Icon+ revolutionizes the user experience by incorporating Special Limits thermocouples, achieving unparalleled precision, and setting new industry standards. Its performance is further enhanced by a non-metallic faceplate that significantly improves Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless integration with the Bartlett online app and elevating its functionality to unprecedented levels.

The Icon+ boasts a remarkably user-centric interface, ensuring smooth and intuitive interactions. When coupled with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, the Icon+ delivers exceptional performance, pioneering new industry benchmarks.

The Icon+ epitomizes the fusion of Bartlett's expertise in control systems and Evenheat's forward-thinking design approach, resulting in a device that leads the industry in terms of control performance.


The TAP I takes center stage as the preferred control system for Evenheat's specialized kiln offerings, including our advanced multi-zone and salt bath models.

The salt bath heat treating process presents unique requirements that go beyond what standard kiln controls can provide. Recognizing this, SDS Industries has developed specialized software to meet these distinctive needs.

The TAP I is equally proficient in managing multi-zone kilns, catering to their intricate requirements for multiple thermocouple inputs and relay outputs. Evenheat's HF series of ceramics kilns serves as an excellent example of this application.

In line with Evenheat's design philosophy, the TAP I is equipped with Special Limits thermocouples that ensure precise temperature sensing with minimal error. When paired with the Quiet Drive Solid State relay system, the TAP I achieves the highest level of control precision.

Consider an upgrade that offers a solution to avoid the expenses and inconveniences associated with mechanical relay failures.

Embark on a journey with Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System, an innovative solution known for its absence of moving parts, ensuring a long-lasting and maintenance-free operation. Revel in its exceptional performance, delivering precise and consistent heating to maintain your kiln's optimal functionality.

When delving into Relay Technology, it becomes evident that Solid-state relays (SSRs) offer a robust and reliable alternative to conventional mechanical relays, which are prone to wear due to their moving parts and electromagnetic coils. SSRs employ a solid semiconductor mechanism, eliminating mechanical wear and offering significant advantages in kiln temperature management.

Advantage 1 - Exceptional Durability: SSRs are celebrated for their extended lifespan, resistant to the mechanical wear and electrical arcing often associated with mechanical relays. The familiar clicking sound from kilns, signifying the operation of mechanical relays, can lead to wear and costly repairs over time. In contrast, Evenheat's SSRs provide silent and reliable operation that seamlessly integrates with your kiln.

Advantage 2 - Superior Temperature Precision: Mechanical relays have limited cycling frequencies to extend their lifespan, whereas SSRs can cycle as frequently as 120 times per second. This enables swift adjustments and unmatched temperature precision, benefiting all Evenheat controls, including the standard Icon controller, to ensure precise temperature control.

Advantage 3 - Prolonged Heating Element Life: SSRs incorporate Zero Crossing technology, engaging and disengaging at the zero-voltage point of AC power cycles. This significantly extends the lifespan of heating elements by ensuring they operate at optimal voltage, reducing wear compared to mechanical relays lacking this feature.

Design Excellence - 30 Amp Capacity: Evenheat carefully selects SSRs with a 30 amp rating but operates them at a cautious 15 amps, providing a significant safety margin for reliable performance. This practice ensures that SSRs remain well within their derating curve, promoting cooler operation and enhanced longevity, all upheld by Evenheat's commitment to quality.

Design Excellence - External SSR Heatsinks: Effective cooling is crucial for SSR longevity, and Evenheat addresses this by externally mounting SSR heatsinks. This improves airflow and prevents heat buildup inside the control enclosure. The design minimizes heat transfer between the control enclosure and the SSR, with standoffs creating a gap for cooling air. This meticulous approach guarantees that SSRs function at their optimal capacity, as demonstrated by an impressive six-year track record of zero failures.

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