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Evenheat RM 2522 Ceramic Kiln

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Evenheat RM 2522 Kiln, an Easy-to-Load Oval

Step into the realm of effortless high-capacity firing with the Evenheat RM 2522, a proud member of the "Big Easy" class of kilns. Immerse yourself in the spacious interior that the RM 2522 boasts, designed for artists who desire incredible volume without compromising on loading convenience. This makes the RM 2522 perfect for production and busy ceramic studios.

Tailored for the specialist in lower fire ceramics, this kiln reaches a maximum of 2000°F (cone 03), ensuring the perfect environment for your creations. Take control of your firing with unparalleled precision, thanks to the cutting-edge options of RampMaster II, Icon+ and TAP II controls. And with the optional Dyna-Lift lid lift assist, handling your kiln becomes as smooth as your glazes.

Power is nothing without finesse, and with the RM 2522's standard 50A studio power connection, you're guaranteed both. No direct wiring needed!

No matter which controller you select, this kiln comes standard with the innovative Swing View adjustable control enclosure, ensuring optimum ease of use and viewing, reducing strain and improving your overall studio experience.

Strongly consider enhancing your kiln with the Quiet Drive Solid State output option. This feature not only promotes tighter temperature control for your projects but also extends the life of the kiln heating elements, ensuring that your investment is as enduring as your artistic practice.

Delve into the dimensions that cater perfectly to ambitious projects: 41" Wide x 25.25" Long x 22.5" Deep. With 240V, 47A, and 11,280W at your command, your pieces will be fired to perfection.

Consider adding mobility to your new kiln by ordering a rolling stand. The stand for the RM 2522 is not a separate stand but actually an additional part to add to the current stand. Evenheat developed a metal framed 'tray' that their non-wheeled stands fit into nicely. This rolling stand has 3" casters and adds about 4" of height to the current stand.

Achieve your artistic vision and explore the full capabilities of the Evenheat RM 2522. Prepare to elevate your ceramic work to masterful heights. Your studio deserves the power and precision of an Evenheat.

Chamber Dimensions

41" Wide x 25.25" Long x 22.5" Deep - 11.2 cubic feet

(104 cm Wide x 64 cm Long x 56.5 cm Deep - 317L)

Outer Dimensions

50" Long x 30.25" Wide x 35.25" High (includes the 8" stand)

(127 cm Long x 77.5 cm Wide x 89.5 cm High)

Maximum Temperature

2000°F (1093°C) - Cone 03 max.


240 Volts, 47 Amps, 11,280 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase

Power Cord Plug Configuration - NEMA 6-50

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. It is possible that this model, when used as intended for its expected purpose, may be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.

Evenheat will build this kiln in 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V, and 415V by request. Reach out to Pottery Pulse directly if interested in this set up.

The kiln will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz.

​It is available in 3 phase Delta or Wye (380V, 400V, and 415V) designs, by request. Reach out to Pottery Pulse directly.

Shipping Weight

370lb. (118 kg) - Approx.

Shipping Method

​Freight Truck

NRTL Agency Listing

TUV Listed United States and Canada - Designed and Tested to CSA & U/L 499

RM 2522 models may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As Evenheat says: Better by Design!

Top Load

The RM 2522 is a top loading design and offers a chamber 41" wide x 25.25" long x 22.25" deep.

This puts the rim of the chamber at 33" which is waist height or lower making it very easy to load.

Lid Handle

We appreciate the value of handles, recognizing that they must be meticulously designed for their intended purpose. Evenheat lid handles exemplify this principle by providing a long handle that is both easy to grip and operate.

Positioned at the corner, this wide handle ensures confident and effortless lifting, even when wearing gloves. Its unique design sets it apart and enhances the overall user experience, making it a joy to use.

Swing View Equipped

The RM 2522 temperature controls are seamlessly integrated into the Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.

This innovative feature is a rotating, swing-up structure that lets you adjust the control panel to your preferred angle for easy viewing and programming. After setting it, you can simply tilt it back down for a clear view from anywhere in your studio. The operation is effortlessly straightforward.

The Swing View is especially compatible with touchscreen controls like the TAP II or Icon+, allowing for an optimal viewing angle. You're going to appreciate its convenience and functionality.

Swing-Away Peephole Covers

Evenheat's kiln models feature the cleverly designed swing-away peephole covers, a notable advancement from conventional plugs. It's truly a remarkable innovation in its simplicity.

Common problems like losing or damaging plugs are now a thing of the past. These peephole covers are firmly attached to the kiln, swinging open and shut with ease. This design ensures they remain securely in position and intact, freeing you from concerns about misplacement or breakage.

Lid Prop

The RM 2522 comes equipped with a lid prop bar that securely holds the lid in the open position. This feature is designed for ease of use and is complemented by our thoughtfully designed lid handle, making operation even simpler.

Relay Access Port

The RM 2522 features Evenheat's Relay Access Port for straightforward relay replacement without the need to remove the control panel.

To access the mechanical relays, all you need to do is remove the access plate – no complicated internal wiring or control panel removal required. It's a simple and effective process that can be accomplished with just a screwdriver.

Since mechanical relays are prone to failure over time, this relay access port becomes especially valuable when replacement is necessary. 

(Of course, the recommended option is to bypass the mechanical relays for the long-lasting Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system. Read the next tab to understand why this is the right choice.)

Full Stainless Steel Jackets

Multi-section, multi-jacketed kilns were originally designed with the dual purpose of reducing production costs for kiln manufacturers and simplifying installation for the end user. While these objectives are commendable, they often result in compromised kiln quality, a compromise that Evenheat is not willing to make.

Evenheat prioritizes top-notch quality in its kilns. That's why they construct their kilns with full stainless jackets that extend from the top to the bottom. These full stainless jackets ensure rock-solid, long-lasting construction. With full stainless jackets, you can trust that there will be no leaks, no shifting, and no structural weaknesses. When it comes to true build quality, insist on Full Stainless Jackets.

The RM 2522 provides a selection of control options, including the RampMaster II, Icon+, and Tap II.

At Evenheat, they take the best control platforms on the market and enhance them with Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing, as well as non-metallic faceplates to improve Wi-Fi reception for online applications. Explore the details to understand why our controls represent the pinnacle of quality available.

RampMaster II

Derived from the prestigious Bartlett Instruments V6-CF series and meticulously crafted for ceramic pursuits, the RampMaster II stands out as a standard feature on the RM 2522. It opts for tactile buttons and a vibrant display, departing from the prevailing touchscreen trend, making it the preferred choice for enthusiasts of traditional, tangible controls.

In line with Evenheat's commitment to top-tier quality, the RampMaster II is equipped with a Special Limits thermocouple, ensuring exceptionally precise temperature measurements. Paired with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, the RampMaster II delivers outstanding performance, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly, classic design. This fusion redefines the essence of an exceptional user experience.


Emerging from the prestigious Bartlett Genesis platform, the Icon+ sets a new standard for excellence by seamlessly integrating Special Limits thermocouples, achieving unparalleled precision. This precision is further enhanced by the addition of a non-metallic faceplate, greatly improving Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with the Bartlett online app, elevating the Icon+'s capabilities to unmatched levels.

Interacting with the Icon+ is incredibly intuitive, providing users with a smooth and straightforward experience. This user-friendly interface, combined with the advanced Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, catapults the Icon+'s performance to extraordinary heights, establishing it as a pioneer in the industry.

The Icon+ embodies the perfect blend of Bartlett's technical expertise and Evenheat's innovative design approach, resulting in a market-leading control system that represents the pinnacle of performance.


Opt for the TAP II Controller as the top choice among Evenheat's range of temperature controllers, featuring a generous display and an intuitive interface. Streamlining the process of programming and executing firing schedules ensures simplicity and efficiency. The TAP II's advanced design guarantees consistent and precise results, with performance reaching its peak when combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system.

Equipped with Special Limits thermocouples, the TAP II delivers exceptionally accurate temperature readings. Its non-metallic faceplates are a valuable addition, greatly improving Wi-Fi reception and ensuring a stable, dependable connection with the SDS online app.

Select the TAP II for an unparalleled control experience that combines efficiency with user-friendliness. Seamlessly integrate with the app and effortlessly manage precise temperature control.

Fed up with the frequent issues and expensive upkeep commonly linked to mechanical relays? It's time to make an upgrade.

Introducing the revolutionary Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System by Evenheat, a technological marvel that stands apart for its complete absence of mechanical components, promising enduring and maintenance-free operation. Immerse yourself in its exceptional performance, delivering precise and controlled heating that consistently produces superior results.

Unpacking the World of Relays: Solid-state relays (SSRs) emerge as a robust and dependable alternative to the conventional mechanical relays, those reliant on moving metal contacts and electromagnets. SSRs embrace a solid semiconductor block, entirely devoid of moving parts, eradicating physical wear and ushering in a new era of temperature control in kilns.

Advantage 1 - Uninterrupted Operation: SSRs boast unparalleled longevity. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, they operate without the wear and sparking commonly associated with mechanical relays. Bid farewell to the familiar clicking sounds in a kiln, signaling mechanical relay operation, which inevitably leads to wear and costly repairs. In contrast, Evenheat's SSRs operate silently and reliably, offering durability that aligns with the life expectancy of your kiln or oven.

Advantage 2 - Precision in Temperature Control: Mechanical relays are bound by limits in cycling frequency, balancing control effectiveness and relay lifespan, typically cycling every 10 to 14 seconds. SSRs, on the other hand, achieve a staggering cycling rate of up to 120 times per second, allowing for rapid adjustments and unparalleled temperature accuracy. Every Evenheat control, including the now-standard Icon controller that supersedes the previous Set-Pro, harnesses the rapid cycling of SSRs to ensure extraordinary temperature precision.

Advantage 3 - Prolonged Life for Heating Elements: Solid-state relays employ Zero Crossing technology, ensuring precise switching on and off at the zero-voltage point within AC power cycles. This innovation significantly extends the lifespan of heating elements, as they operate at the ideal voltage, minimizing wear compared to mechanical relays lacking this precision.

Design Excellence - 30 Amp Capacity: Evenheat thoughtfully selects SSRs rated for 30 amps, yet operates them conservatively at 15 amps, creating a substantial safety margin for consistent and dependable performance. This practice ensures SSRs function comfortably within their derating curve, even when handling a 15-amp load, fostering cool operation and extended longevity. It's a testament to Evenheat's dedication to superior design.

Design Excellence - External SSR Heatsinks: Effective cooling proves indispensable for SSR longevity. Evenheat addresses this by externally mounting the SSR heatsinks, promoting airflow and mitigating heat buildup within the control enclosure. This design effectively isolates heat transfer between the control enclosure and the SSRs, reinforced by standoffs creating an air gap for cooling. This intentional design choice underpins optimal SSR operation, underscored by an impressive track record boasting zero failures over six years.

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