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Evenheat RM 2929 Ceramic Kiln

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Solid State Relay

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Unleash Your Monumental Potential with the Production Sized Evenheat RM 2929 Kiln

Embrace the power to create without limits with the Evenheat RM 2929, a towering presence in any creative workspace. Crafted for large working studios, production houses, and centers of learning, the RM 2929 delivers on size, features and performance. It isn't just a tool; it’s a central pillar in your temple of creation.

As expansive in its capacity as it is in its capabilities, the RM 2929 comes with a commanding 29" diameter and a profound 29" depth, offering a canvas for large-scale ambitions. You can navigate through firing schedules with your choice of 4 different, intuitive temperature controllers: Icon, RampMaster II, Icon+, and TAP II. Whatever you choose, it comes encased in a sleek Swing View pivoting control enclosure, and every feature speaks of convenience and control, tailored to amplify your creative intuition.

To ensure your masterpieces materialize with exacting accuracy, select the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system. Best of all, the SSR will preserve your kiln's vitality for countless firings to come so you can keep transforming your visions into artistic realities.

Also, don't just lift the lid by yourself. Why add to your workload? Elevate your entire experience with the patented Dyna-Lift Lid Assist, designed to make accessibility a breeze and safety paramount.

Operating at a formidable 240V and 56A, pushing 13,440W, the RM 2929's heart beats to the rhythm of 2300°F, hot enough to transmute clay into stoneware, dreams into tangible art.

For artisans who believe in the grand scale of art, for studios that pulse with the energy of production, for academies that nurture the genesis of genius—the Evenheat RM 2929 is more than a kiln. It's a gateway to unfettered expression.

Your blueprint to unbounded artistic ventures awaits. The Evenheat RM 2929 is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a wonderful and endless pursuit of perfection. 

Chamber Dimensions

29" Diameter x 29" Deep - 11.3 Cubic Feet

(73.7 cm Diameter x 73.7 cm Deep - 320 L)

Outer Dimensions

40" Long x 34" Wide x 42" High (includes the 8" stand)

(102 cm Deep x 86.4 cm Wide x 107 cm High)

Maximum Temperature

2300°F (1260°C) - Cone 8 max.


240 Volts, 56 Amps, 13,440 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase

Power Cord Plug Configuration - Direct Wired

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. It is possible that this model, when used as intended for its expected purpose, may be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.

Evenheat will build this kiln in 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V, and 415V by request. Reach out to Pottery Pulse directly if interested in this set up.

The kiln will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz.

​It is available in 3 phase Delta or Wye (380V, 400V, and 415V) designs, by request. Reach out to Pottery Pulse directly.

Shipping Weight

320lb. (145 kg) - Approx.

Shipping Method

​Freight Truck

NRTL Agency Listing

TUV Listed United States and Canada - Designed and Tested to CSA & U/L 499

RM 2929 models may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

As Evenheat says: Better by Design!

Top Load

The RM 2929 is a top loading design and offers a chamber 29" diameter x 29" deep.

Lid Handle

Who doesn't value an exceptional handle? Its functionality depends on its size and shape, expertly tailored for its specific purpose. Evenheat lid handles exemplify this principle, featuring a 16" handle that is exceptionally easy to grasp and operate.

The broad handle, strategically positioned at the corner, ensures a secure and comfortable lift, even when wearing gloves. Its unique design sets it apart, making every interaction with it a delightful experience.

Lid Vent

When it's time to cool things down, vent that lid. The RM 2929 has an integrated 2-position lid vent, designed for rapid cooling.

Swing View Equipped

The RM 2929's temperature controls are seamlessly integrated into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure, adding an elegant touch to your setup.

This innovative feature is a pivotable, swing-up mechanism that allows you to adjust the control panel's angle for convenient viewing and effortless programming. After setting it to your liking, you can effortlessly lower it back down, ensuring clear visibility from any spot in your studio. The operation is intuitively straightforward.

The Swing View is particularly well-suited for touchscreen controls like the TAP II, Icon+, and Icon, providing the ideal angle for interaction. You're sure to appreciate its practicality and functionality.

Swing-Away Peephole Covers

The Evenheat kiln designs incorporate swing-away peephole covers instead of traditional plugs.

Plugs are prone to getting lost and easily breaking. The attached peephole covers remain securely on the kiln, effortlessly swinging open and closed. You won't misplace them, and they are highly durable, eliminating concerns of breakage.

Lid Prop

The RM 2929 comes equipped with lid prop bars that securely hold the lid in the open position. Operating them is made even simpler with the thoughtfully-designed lid handle.

Relay Access Port

The RM 2929 offers a straightforward and user-friendly process for relay replacement, ensuring remarkable convenience.

Accessing the mechanical relays is effortless – just remove the access plate. This eliminates the need for complex internal wiring tasks or the inconvenience of detaching the control panel. This direct method is a significant advantage, particularly when addressing inevitable mechanical relay issues. So, if you don't opt for the recommended Quiet Drive Solid State Relay, and find that you'll someday need to replace those mechanical relays, this user-centric feature is sure to improve your experience.

Single Maintenance Line & Full Jackets

Evenheat's 29" deep models feature a practical "Maintenance Line." This division in the jacket, positioned between the upper and lower chambers, allows for easy partial disassembly, simplifying both element replacement and kiln installation.

The upper chamber section is securely held in place using stainless steel plates and screws. To perform maintenance or installation, all that's required is removing the screws and separating the sections.

Instead of relying on buckles, which can become loose and lead to shifting during loading, unloading, and usage, Evenheat employs the more secure method of stainless steel plates and screws to keep the sections firmly connected.

The RM 2929 is offered with a range of control options, including the RampMaster II, Icon+, and Tap II.

Evenheat takes the finest control platforms available and elevates them further by incorporating Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing and utilizing non-metallic faceplates to enhance Wi-Fi reception for online applications. Read on to discover more about the controls and why they epitomize the highest quality you can find.

RampMaster II

Derived from the renowned Bartlett Instruments V6-CF series and meticulously tailored for ceramic endeavors, the RampMaster II is a standout feature that comes standard on the RM 2929. It opts for tactile buttons and a vibrant display, deviating from the prevailing touchscreen trend, making it the preferred choice for enthusiasts of traditional, tangible controls.

In keeping with Evenheat's dedication to top-tier quality, the RampMaster II is equipped with a Special Limits thermocouple, ensuring exceptionally precise temperature measurements. Paired with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, the RampMaster II delivers outstanding performance, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly, classic design. This fusion redefines the essence of an exceptional user experience.


Emerging from the renowned Bartlett Genesis platform, the Icon+ redefines excellence by seamlessly incorporating Special Limits thermocouples, achieving an extraordinary level of precision. This precision is further elevated by the inclusion of a non-metallic faceplate, significantly enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with the Bartlett online app, taking the Icon+'s capabilities to unmatched heights.

User interaction with the Icon+ is remarkably intuitive, providing a smooth and straightforward user experience. This ease of use, combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system, propels the Icon+'s performance to remarkable levels, setting new industry standards.

The Icon+ represents the perfect fusion of Bartlett's technical expertise and Evenheat's innovative design approach, resulting in a market-leading control system that epitomizes the zenith of performance.


The TAP II Controller stands as the premier choice among Evenheat's lineup of temperature controllers, boasting a spacious display and an intuitive interface. The process of programming and executing firing schedules is streamlined for ease and efficiency. The TAP II's advanced design ensures consistent and precise results, with performance further optimized when combined with the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay system.

Outfitted with Special Limits thermocouples, the TAP II provides exceptionally accurate temperature readings. Its non-metallic faceplates are a valuable asset, significantly enhancing Wi-Fi reception and guaranteeing a stable, reliable connection with the SDS online app.

Choose the TAP II for an unrivaled control experience that is both efficient and user-friendly. Seamlessly integrate with the app and effortlessly manage precise temperature control.

Say SO LONG to the typical issues and expensive upkeep frequently associated with mechanical relays.

Introducing the revolutionary Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System by Evenheat, a marvel of technological advancement known for its absence of mechanical components, offering enduring, maintenance-free operation. Experience its exceptional performance, delivering precise and regulated heating that consistently produces superior results.

Understanding Relays: Solid-state relays (SSRs) represent a robust and dependable alternative to traditional mechanical relays, which rely on moving metal contacts and an electromagnet. SSRs utilize a solid semiconductor block without any moving parts, eliminating physical wear and significantly enhancing temperature control in kilns.

Benefit 1 - Longevity: SSRs have unmatched durability. Without the mechanical wear and electrical sparking typical of mechanical relays, they outlast their traditional counterparts. The familiar clicking noise from a kiln, indicating the operation of mechanical relays, often leads to wear and costly repairs. In contrast, Evenheat's SSRs operate silently and reliably, providing longevity that matches the lifespan of your kiln or oven.

Benefit 2 - Precision Temperature Control: Mechanical relays are limited in cycling frequency, balancing control effectiveness and relay lifespan, typically cycling every 10 to 14 seconds. SSRs, on the other hand, can cycle up to 120 times per second, allowing for faster adjustments and unmatched temperature accuracy. Every Evenheat control, including the now-standard Icon controller replacing the previous Set-Pro, utilizes the rapid cycling of SSRs to ensure extraordinary temperature precision.

Benefit 3 - Extended Heating Element Life: Solid-state relays employ Zero Crossing technology, switching on and off precisely at the zero-voltage point in AC power cycles. This significantly extends the life of heating elements by ensuring they operate at the ideal voltage, minimizing wear compared to mechanical relays lacking this precision.

Design Excellence - 30 Amp Capacity: Evenheat intentionally selects SSRs rated for 30 amps but operates them at a conservative 15 amps, providing a substantial safety margin for consistent, reliable performance. This practice ensures that the SSRs function comfortably within their derating curve, even with a 15-amp load, promoting cool operation and enhanced longevity, reflecting Evenheat's commitment to superior design.

Design Excellence - Externally Mounted SSR Heatsinks: Effective cooling is essential for the lifespan of SSRs. Evenheat addresses this by externally mounting the SSR heatsinks, facilitating airflow and preventing heat buildup within the control enclosure. This design prevents heat transfer between the control enclosure and the SSRs, supported by standoffs that create an air gap for cooling. This deliberate design choice ensures optimal SSR operation, evidenced by a remarkable track record of zero failures over six years.

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