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Olympic Kilns 2027HE Oval Electric Kiln

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Climb New Artistic Heights with the Olympic Kilns 2027HE Oval Electric Kiln

Begin a transformative artistic journey with the Olympic Kilns 2027HE Oval Electric Kiln. This outstanding kiln, with its unique oval shape, is a beacon of innovation in the art world. Tailored to support extensive workloads and unconventional project shapes, the 2027HE is a pinnacle of adaptability and modern design.

Spacious Chamber for Unlimited Artistic Possibilities

The 2027HE boasts impressive interior dimensions of 30″W x 20″ front-to-back x 29″D, offering an expansive space for diverse artistic creations. This kiln is your partner in bringing to life everything from monumental sculptures to intricate, detailed works. Capable of reaching Cone 10 – 2350°F/1288°C, it assures flawless processing of even the most demanding materials.

Oval Innovation for Eclectic Artistic Endeavors

Crafted specifically for artists seeking to break free from traditional limits, the 2027HE's oval shape is ideal for large and uniquely shaped pieces. Its construction includes a robust 3” brick wall, enhanced by a 2" blank brick row at the base for extra protection during loading and unloading, reinforcing both its efficiency and lifespan.

Advanced Build for Optimal Artistic Output

The 2027HE is constructed using Olympic's renowned electrical box design, featuring innovative heat shields and ventilation to protect and cool the electrical components. Its carefully balanced heating elements distribute heat evenly throughout the firing chamber, ensuring consistent results for every project.

Sophisticated Features for Artistic Precision

This kiln comes equipped with essential features like a pilot light, sturdy metal stand, a durable stainless steel jacket, lid lift assist, and the intuitive Bartlett 3K-CF electronic controller. These features make operating the kiln not just accurate, but also remarkably simple, with a user-friendly interface for programming your desired firing cycles.

Customizable to Match Your Artistic Vision

Further refine your firing processes with optional upgrades such as the Genesis touchscreen controller or the 12-key digital KilnStar controller. These options provide additional user programs and features including delay start, preheat, cone offset, and skip-step, allowing for highly specific and accurate firings. Access comprehensive firing profiles and other crucial information to stay informed throughout your creative process.

Extended Options for Enhanced Firing Control

Choose from a range of additional options like a Type S thermocouple, 480 volts, 2 or 3-zone control, and venting solutions to further tailor your kiln's operation. These options ensure that your 2027HE can meet the unique demands of your artistic practice. For more information on custom voltage configurations, Pottery Pulse is ready to assist.

Adaptability for Diverse Artistic Applications

Designed with a focus on pottery, ceramics, and specialized heat-treating, the 2027HE also adeptly accommodates glasswork, especially when equipped with the optional dual-media lid element.

And Pottery Pulse also recommends Solid State Relays as they not only enhance overall operation but also extend the kiln's longevity with quieter, more precise performance.

Comprehensive Furniture Kits for Maximum Utility

To fully equip your 2027HE, we offer specialized furniture kits, including three layers of shelving, kiln wash, and large square posts in varied sizes. These kits are designed to fully utilize the spacious interior of your oval kiln, supporting a vast array of artistic projects.

One-Year Limited Warranty for Trusted Quality

Your investment in the Olympic Kilns 2027HE Electric Kiln is backed by a one-year limited warranty, giving you confidence and peace of mind in your artistic endeavors.

The Olympic Kilns 2027HE Electric Kiln: Your Partner in Artistic Exploration

The Olympic Kilns 2027HE is more than just a kiln; it's a catalyst for your creative exploration. Embrace this tool to expand your artistic horizons and see your most ambitious projects come alive.

  • Model: 2027HE
  • Lid Lift Assist: Yes
  • Inside Chamber Dimensions: 30" W x 20" Front-to-Back x 29" D
  • Cubic Feet: 8.5
  • Outside Dimensions with Stand or Frame: 41" x 40" x 50"
  • Brick Thickness: 3"
  • Maximum Temperature: Cone 10 – 2350°F/1288°C
  • Est Ship Weight: 425 lbs
  • Amperage/Volts, 1-phase Wiring: 64 amps for 208 volts, 56 amps for 240 volts
  • Amperage/Volts, 3-phase Wiring: 43 amps for 208 volts, 37 amps for 240 volts
  • Watts for all configurations: 13,440
  • Breaker, 1-phase Wiring: 80 amp required for 208 volts, 70 amp for 240 volts
  • Breaker, 3-phase Wiring: 60 amp required for 208 volts, 50 amp for 240 volts
  • Plug Configuration, 1-phase Wiring, 208 volts: Direct Wired
  • Plug Configuration, 1-phase Wiring, 240 volts: NEMA 6-50
  • Plug Configuration, 3-phase Wiring: Direct Wired for both 208 and 240 volts
  • Copper Wire Size: #4, #2 if the circuit is longer than 40 ft

The furniture kit includes: 

  • 3 each of 12″ x 16″ x 5/8″ rectangle shelves, 6 each – 15.5″ x 7 3/4″ half-round shelves, 10 each – 4, 6, 8, 10-inch large square posts, and one lb. bag of kiln wash.

Estimated order-to-ship lead time is approximately 12 weeks for Olympic Kilns.

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