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Olympic Kilns DD40 Large Capacity Gas Kiln

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Maximize Your Production with the Olympic Kilns DD40 Large Capacity Gas Kiln

Empower Your Business with the Ultimate DownDraft Gas Kiln

Take your business to the next level with the Olympic Kilns DD40 Large Capacity Gas Kiln. Engineered for industrial applications and professional potters, this downdraft gas kiln is a game-changer for any business aiming to deliver high-quality ceramic products with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Superior Design for Unmatched Performance

Olympic DownDraft gas kilns boast a sophisticated system that sets them apart from updraft kilns. With exhaust and intake positioned at the bottom, these kilns ensure optimal airflow and consistent temperature distribution throughout the chamber. The required chimney or stack enhances draft, ensuring fresh air intake for superior combustion and firing results.

Tailored Construction to Meet Your Production Needs

Choose between brick or fiber walls to customize your kiln to your specific production requirements. Fiber walls offer rapid heating and cooling, ideal for businesses needing fast turnaround times. Brick walls provide gradual heating and cooling, perfect for processes that require careful temperature control. The kiln’s frame, constructed from heavy angle iron and metal tubing, ensures durability and longevity. The kiln walls, featuring 4 ½” insulating brick, 1” ceramic fiberboard, and a 1″ air space, provide exceptional insulation and energy efficiency.

By far, most order the brick construction. If you do also, the walls and floor are brick, while the ceiling and door are fiber. If you do choose fiber, everything is then fiber accept the floor which will remain brick.

Efficient and Convenient Loading Options

Streamline your production process with the front-loading Olympic DD40. For maximum convenience, opt for the DownDraft Car kiln, equipped with a heavy gauge iron track that allows the kiln floor and door to roll in and out of the chamber. This innovative design minimizes handling risks and increases efficiency, perfect for high-volume production environments.

Advanced Features for Optimal Business Performance

Upgrade your Olympic DD40 with a range of advanced features to enhance your kiln's capabilities. Options include a digital pyrometer for precise temperature monitoring, a high limit controller for safety, and a stainless-steel or galvanized vent hood for improved ventilation. The rotating door option offers additional flexibility, while the car kiln upgrade provides unparalleled ease of use.

The Perfect Solution for Serious Potters and Industrial Applications

Olympic Kilns are renowned for their powerful gas production kilns, designed to handle large capacity loads with ease. Whether you’re a professional potter or an industrial business, the DD40 delivers the high temperatures and robust power needed for advanced techniques such as reduction firing. Gas kilns are the sports cars of the kiln world, offering a firing experience that electric kilns simply can’t match.

Experience the Olympic Advantage

Transform your business operations with the Olympic Kilns DD40 Large Capacity Gas Kiln. Its advanced design, customizable options, and powerful features make it the ultimate choice for businesses that demand the best. Invest in a kiln that exceeds your expectations, providing exceptional results and boosting your productivity.

Order Yours Today

Elevate your business with the Olympic Kilns DD40 Large Capacity Gas Kiln. Contact us today to learn more about how this professional-grade equipment can transform your production process and place your order. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.

  • Model: DD40
  • Inside setting area: 41" W x 41" deep x 41" H
  • Inside volume: 53
  • Inside dimensions: 47" W x 46" deep x 48" H
  • Cubic Feet: 40.0
  • Outside dimensions: 64" W x 73" deep x 84" H
  • Outside dimensions WITH CAR TRACK: 70" W x 142" deep x 82" H
  • Brick Thickness: 4.5" + 1" Fiber
  • Maximum Temperature: Cone 10 – 2350°F/1288°C
  • Est Ship Weight: 2,605 lbs
  • Est Ship Weight (with CAR TRACK added): 3,230 lbs.
  • BTUs x 1,000: 48
  • BTU/HR Total: 390,000
  • Gas pipe inside dimensions: 1"
  • Propane (LP) Water Column Pressure: 11"
  • Natural Gas (NG) Water Column Pressure: 7"

NOTE: Water Column is a unit of pressure measurement typically used for low-pressure applications. One inch of water column is equivalent to about 0.0361 psi. So, whether LP or NG is selected, the psi required is less than 1/2.

  • Number of burners: 8
  • Orifice size: LP - #40
  • Orifice size: NG - 9/64
  • # of Gallons LP per Cone 10 Firing: 48

The furniture kit includes:

  • 16 each – 20″ x 20″ x 1″ shelves

  • 16 each – 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-inch large square posts

  • 5 lb bag of kiln wash

  • 4 each – 20″ x 20″ x 1″ square shelves per layer

Estimated order-to-ship lead time for Large Capacity Olympic Kilns is approximately 5 months.

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