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Evenheat Kilns RM II Series - Personal Size

Explore the perfect choice for china painters, porcelain and ceramic artists, and anyone in need of a compact, well-crafted ceramic kiln – the Evenheat RM II personal size models.

Elevate your craft with Evenheat's RM II series, featuring the innovative Swing View control enclosure. Say goodbye to awkward kneeling and hello to an ergonomic, comfortable programming and usage angle. With Evenheat's Swing View, your creative process becomes effortlessly enjoyable.

But there's more! Customize your kiln experience with optional Tap or Genesis touchscreen controls and solid-state relays. This flexibility ensures that your kiln isn't just easy to use, but also excels in performance and longevity, tailored to your preferences. Evenheat is all about designing a superior experience that fits your unique needs. Choose Evenheat, because they are... Better by Design!