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Evenheat Kilns High Fire Series - Studio Size

Unlock the immense power of ceramic firing with the High Fire studio size models, purpose-built to handle the daily demands of Cone 10 firing.

From the effortlessly accessible HF 2918 to the capacious HF 2927, this lineup offers a size for every ambition.

What sets Evenheat's High Fire studio size models apart is their standard features. You'll benefit from the patented Dyna-Lift lid lift system, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, while the Swing View control enclosure offers unparalleled convenience. Say goodbye to discomfort – these kilns are designed with your comfort in mind.

But they don't stop at standard features. Elevate your kiln experience with optional TAP or Genesis touchscreen controls, complemented by Solid State Relays for hassle-free, long-lasting performance. This commitment to excellence extends to precision, with multi-zone control for accurate and repeatable results.

When you choose Evenheat's High Fire studio size models, you're choosing a kiln that's not only easy to use but excels as a top performer, designed to endure. Don't compromise on quality; elevate your craft with a kiln that's truly exceptional. Join the ranks of artists who demand nothing less than excellence and make the switch to Evenheat today!