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Evenheat Kilns High Fire Series - Personal Size

Experience the pinnacle of ceramic firing with Evenheat's High Fire personal size kilns, meticulously designed to conquer the challenges of reaching cone 10 temperatures!

These kilns are engineered with 3" fire brick for superior insulation, ensuring rapid and efficient temperature ascent. If you aspire to fire up to cone 10, the High Fire series is your ultimate ally.

Perfectly sized for small studios and even embraced by larger ones for testing and one-off projects, these personal size models offer versatility that knows no bounds. Every High Fire kiln features the innovative Swing View control enclosure, enabling "stand-up" programming that enhances your workflow.

But that's not all – we offer multiple control options, including the user-friendly TAP and Genesis touchscreens. Plus, you can opt for the solid-state relay, eliminating the need for relay replacements. When it comes to high-performance kilns, Evenheat has redefined the standards. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a kiln that effortlessly reaches the outer limits of ceramic firing. Upgrade to the High Fire series today and experience the pinnacle of kiln technology!